Wattle 10 - Koalas

Wattle 10 - Koalas

Mrs King


We have had a very busy and fun start to a short term.



We were busy making gifts for our wonderful mummies for Mother’s Day. We made a card, planted a seed and decorated a bag with our handprints. We thanked our Mummies for helping us grow.



We started going to visit Mrs Williams in her beautiful library and borrow books to take home for our parents to read to us. Mrs King reads us a story too!



We are learning our letter sounds. We met some characters; Snake and Inky, who is a mouse. We learn Jolly Songs and listen to the stories for the sound we are learning. We learn to write the letter shape, it’s important to write it the correct way. We are learning to blend the sounds together to make words. We enjoyed popping popcorn in a pan when we learnt the /p/ sound.  It tasted yummy!



Mrs Payne has helped us plant in the garden. We need to water the plants to help them grow.


We are learning our numbers, counting and shapes. We made a shape pizza with; circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. We had to count how many of each shape we used on the topping and write the number. We love playing in our class pizza shop.



Khode Wong, a librarian from The City of Melville came to talk to our parents about the benefits of reading. Then she read “Pig the Star”, we all got to give a plush “Pig the Pug” a hug. It made a noise when you squeezed it. It was funny! Khode gave us a free book from the Better Beginnings program to take home.



We have lots of fun with our friends at Kindy!



Mrs King Wattle 10 Koalas