Wattle 2

Wattle 2

Wattle 2     Mrs Meyer  / Mrs Kent

"Grandma on Board"

It was very scary to me. I felt happy and scared at the same time! When it was my go to speak on the microphone I felt like I just wanted to faint. I loved it when Bones the dog said his lines and I also liked the part when Grandma did her yoga poses. It was very funny!                                                        




This morning my class was on stage performing an assembly item about PIRATES!!! During the play I had four speaking parts. My favourite part was when Granny demanded that Captain Red Beard give her a kiss. I really enjoyed the best assembly ever!                                                                                               




I was in the front. I was nervous but when we did the play I was fine. I was Lizzie, the first mate. For the play we had vegetable stew. We didn’t like it because we were pirates. After the play we had photographs. I felt amazing after it.                                                                                                 




Everyone was very excited because we were all dressed as pirates. We had the assembly because it was our turn to show the school how good we are at acting. My favourite part was when the audience laughed when Captain Red Beard kissed Grandma. I felt excited!                                                                               Cody


My favourite bit of the assembly was when Cody popped out of the barrel and when we did the jig. I felt so proud of our assembly. It was the best day ever.                                                                                                                                                          Lola