Our Vision

The Bull Creek Primary School community is focussed towards ensuring our young people have the opportunity and confidence to develop the skills, knowledge and understandings necessary to meet the challenges of the future. Our teachers believe all students are capable of achieving successful learning outcomes.


Our Beliefs


We believe all students will engage in learning experiences which:

involve higher order thinking skills.

are actual processes, products, skills and values learnt in context.

connect their existing knowledge, skills and values while extending their thinking and actions.

are relevant to the students and encourage action and reflection.

are motivating and have clear purpose for the learner.

embody respect and accommodate difference between learners.

encourage students to learn independently, from and with others.

are supported and demonstrated through technology.


We believe our school environment will:

be positive, supportive and safe, encouraging the development of life skills.

encourage the pursuit of knowledge aimed at excellence and achievement of potential.

encourage self respect and the respect for the rights of others.

encourage social and civic responsibility.

encourage environmental responsibility.

ensure teachers, students and parents are partners in the education process.

ensure the mental, physical health and well-being of students is a priority.

encourage the values of Learning, Excellence, Equity and Care.