School Board

Thank you to the  Board for their insights and support this year below is a message from the Board Chair, Mr Di Perna.


As the new incoming Chair of the School Board, I am extremely honoured to be able to play a part to help shape and continue to improve the school, not just for the current students, but also for those that will study here in future. 2018 marks an important year in the school’s planning calendar with the new three-year business plan currently being developed.


The Board is responsible for providing a strong governance function around the school’s strategic objectives and outcomes. The Board is directly responsible for several key areas such as:

  • To participate in the development and endorsement of the School Annual Report.
  • To participate in the development, review and endorsement of the School Annual Budget. And Bussiness Plan.
  • To participate in processes to review the school’s performance.
  • To undertake continual reviews of the school policies.


The Board is comprised of Parents, Community Members, Staff and the Principal. Whilst the Principal is a member of the Board, the day to day operations and education delivery of the school remains the sole responsibility of the Principal and teaching staff.

A formal process is carried out to fill vacant positions on the Board and a public Board meeting, where the Chair presents the Board’s Annual Report, is held once a year in Term 4. This meeting is open to the entire school community and I encourage you to attend.

The school is very fortunate to have a dedicated and diverse Board for the coming three-year term. It’s my pleasure to be able to introduce the Board members to you:


I personally thank the Board for their effort and generosity in serving the school community as we have already been very busy in 2018 with several key initiatives underway.


I look forward to meeting and engaging with parents, students and staff over the coming years.


Richard Di Perna

Board Chair


Composition of the School Board


Richard Di Perna

Chris Hodson

Darren Roberts



David Hewitt

Matt Woodall



Sue Martin

Julie McCarthy

Tracey Owen

Sue Bolton

Rob Hofmeester