Wattle 8

Wattle 8

Term 1 has been very busy for the students in Wattle 8! They have worked extremely hard in all learning areas and have settled into school routines very quickly.


For Mathematics we have focused on counting and naming numbers to 20, reading and creating patterns, 2D and 3D shapes and comparing and ordering events. Wattle 8 have thoroughly enjoyed some of the Mathematic activities recently and in particular, making our shape and number robot pictures.


For English, Wattle 8 have been critically analysing texts to find both the main idea and the details that support the story. As part of this study we have been exploring the story The Very Cranky Bear. The students have done a fantastic job at describing the story’s setting and characters as well as retelling the story in order of events. We’ve also begun our own Cranky Bear mixed media artwork using techniques to create texture.


For Design and Technology, we explored ways in which technology (robots in particular) can help us in every day life. We documented our ideas by sketching a prototype robot designed to carry out a special job. Some of these special jobs included cleaning the house for mum and dad, buying ice-cream and lollies from the shop and transporting us when we don’t feel like walking. The next step was to make our robots using a variety of household packaging. We experimented with techniques to combine and alter our materials in order to satisfy our robots functional needs. As you can see, the process has been very engaging and a highlight for the students this term.


Well done to the Wattle 8 students for all their hard work in Term 1!

Mrs Sinclair

Wattle 8 Teacher