Wattle 7

Wow! What an amazing start to the year we have had in our magnificent Wattle 7 class. We have all been learning about how important we are and how each of us is special. We enjoyed the story of Thelma the Unicorn and created some incredibly beautiful Unicorns in our Art lessons. We then added some sentences about what makes us unique. Next we all read the Rainbow Fish and thought of some wonderful ways in which we can share with and care for each other in our class and school. We made the most beautiful Rainbow Fish and discussed the character traits of the Rainbow Fish. Our Year One students wrote some fantastic stories about what types of characteristics they would have if they turned into a Rainbow Fish. We discussed the meaning of many interesting words such as shiny, plump, glittery and sparkling many of which were included in their stories. The children have really loved reading their stories to each other and to the class. We really are shining brightly in W7.            



Mrs Toner

Wattle 7 Teacher