Wattle 10 Kangas


Our class has had a wonderful start to the year. We have really enjoyed learning our new friends’ names and getting to know each other.




We’ve been lucky enough to have a yellow duckling and a white guinea pig visit our room and playground. Both were very, very cute and felt soft, except of course for their legs and feet.




The Easter bunny hopped around the playground and left lots of eggs for the children to find. All the eggs were gathered into a big basket and shared out amongst the children in the baskets they had made. A part of the Easter bunnies tail was found where he had hopped over the fence on his way to visit other children.




Everyone was very excited to take home their very own storybook given to them by the presenter of the Better Beginnings program. She spoke to the parents about the importance of reading to children. She then read the children a story and played some language games with them. The children also got to take home the book they have been making through the term based on Brown bear, brown bear.




We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday and look forward to seeing everyone next term.




Mrs Pratt


Wattle 10