Wattle 2

We have had a busy term in Wattle Two!

Over the term, we have learnt about different celebrations around the world. We began by reading and comparing stories about the origins of Chinese New Year.

In English we have been working on improving our narrative writing. We have been writing stories about a day at school with no rules and the disastrous consequences that could possibly entail. Poor Mrs Martin ended up tied up in the office in one of the stories!!

Like all good narratives, we made sure our stories included solutions and happy endings, with the rules being reinstated and Bull Creek Primary School returning to its usual, harmonious state.

Incidentally, whilst we were planning these stories, we began to appreciate the reasons that we have school rules and the importance of respecting them.

We have also been reading a novel called “At the Lighthouse” which is written by local author, Cristy Burne and includes beautiful, scenic descriptions of Rottnest Island.