Wattle 3


We have had a busy start to the term in Wattle 3. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know one another and our new classroom.

Our focus for Mathematics this term is Place Value. We have incorporated our growing knowledge of the topic with our co-operative Kagan structures. We participated in a Quiz Quiz Trade activity as a class and had a lot of fun doing it. This activity helped us to consolidate our understanding of hundreds, tens and ones. It was an entertaining and interactive way to support our learning.

We have also been using the Smiling Minds program to explore mindfulness this term. We have learnt many new skills. Did you know that mindfulness meditations don't mean just laying down on the floor? We have experimented with laying down or sitting, we have brought our attention to our different senses and even explored eating and moving mindfully, always coming back to focus on our breathing. Many of us have found that doing these mediations helps us to feel more calm and relaxed. We are looking forward to continuing to improve as we exercise our brain to support our mental and physical wellbeing.

We are looking forward to the year ahead in Wattle 3.




Ms Piani and Mrs Pinker

Wattle 3 Teacher