Visual Art

Visual Art 2019


This term our focus is on creating self-portraits and trying out some of the styles of artists who favour portraits as their subject matter.

W3 has been working on placement and proportions of facial features, while W1 and W2 have been looking at contemporary artist Sandra Silberzweig.  Silberzweig has synethesia where she sees colours differently- she can taste, smell, feel and hear them.  S5 and S6 are looking at the portraits of Amedeo Modigliani.  His subjects characteristically had long tilted faces, long necks, small undetailed eyes and closed small mouths.  B4, B5 and B6 have been looking at a contemporary artist called Ian Sklarsky who uses a technique called ‘blind contour’ where he looks at his subject but not the paper and draws with one continuous line.  Some children have found this challenging but by stepping out of their comfort zones and attempting to see in a new way there have been some interesting portraits with lots of character.  I can’t wait to see the drawings translated into a wire drawing /sculpture in coming weeks.

This year we are planning to have a Sculpture Walk at Bull Creek in Term 3.  The idea will be that the school community will plan and create sculptures based on the theme of Spring Time (as families, small groups or individually) that will be displayed on the school grounds as a way of engaging the community in a fun and social way of learning more about art.  There will be more information to come but I thought it would be great to start thinking about it now.


Mrs Perna

Art Specialist