Contributions and Charges

Financial support by parents has always played a significant role in providing resources that extend the school’s capacity to add value to the learning experiences of students. The continuing partnership between our school and parents is vital to ensuring that all students receive a level of education sufficient to carry them forward in today’s society.


The Bull Creek Primary School Council has endorsed the schedule of Contributions and Charges for 2018. The schedule is broken into four sections: voluntary contributions, voluntary approved funds, items for personal use and charges for optional extra components. Each of these is explained in the document below.


Contributions and Charges 2018-BCPS


The ‘Charges and Voluntary Contributions 2018’ estimated costs are set at an upper limit and will not exceed this amount. 


Voluntary Contributions

Voluntary contributions relate to the monies requested from parents towards the cost of materials, services and facilities used by K-10 students in the educational program.


The Bull Creek Primary School Voluntary Contribution is $60 per student.


Families experiencing any difficulty in meeting this contribution are urged to contact the Principal as soon as possible to discuss suitable payment arrangements. The money generated from these contributions will supplement expenditure in each of the eight learning areas.


Curriculum Area

The Arts      






Society & Environment




Technology & Enterprise


Health and Physical Education


LOTE German



Voluntary Approved Requests

The following Voluntary Approved Requests have been set for 2018:

1.             P&C Contribution – Per Child

This amount will help contribute to the P & C Association and the work they carry out for the school each year and has been set at $30.00 per child. The P&C Association volunteer in many capacities in particular running the School Canteen and Uniform Shop.

2.             Religious Education

This amount will contribute towards the cost of purchasing Religious Education workbooks on behalf of the Religious Instruction teachers and has been set at $8.00.



Other Optional Costs

These ’maximum anticipated costs’ are for extra activities for select student groups.  For example - SIM Instrument Hire, Language Perfect Online German (Yrs 4-6), Year 6 Graduation and End of Year Excursion activities, Glee Club, Music Concerts.



This term refers to the ‘maximum anticipated costs’ of extra activities throughout the school year.  For example Individual Classroom Excursions and/or Incursions, German Excursion, Edu-Dance, Interm Swimming, Interschool Sport and Carnivals etc.  Participation in extra activities is optional and the total amount charged for the entire year will not exceed the totals listed in the schedule.  If a particular event listed does not occur, or you decide that your child will not participate, then no charge for that event will apply.


For your convenience, you are able to pay a bulk payment at the beginning of the year to cover the cost of activities your children are likely to participate in for 2018.  For 2018, the ‘Individual Classroom Excursions and/or Incursions’ charge has been set at $60 (Kindy – Year 4) and $90 (Years 5&6). The ‘Whole School Incursion’ charge has been set at $40 (PP-Yr 6).


The ‘Charges and Voluntary Contributions 2018’ schedule details the breakdown of the 2018 charges and voluntary contributions according to your child’s year level.  Please note that all compulsory charges can be paid up front.  The Voluntary Contributions, Voluntary Approved Requests, Other Optional Costs and Charges outlined above are listed on the schedule at an upper limit and will not exceed this amount. 


Parents are entitled to a refund of any unused portion of the 2018 Contributions and Charges they have paid if their child transfers to another school prior to the end of the school year.  If you have a credit from your 2017 bulk payment, it will automatically flow into 2018 hence you may deduct it from your 2018 payment.  This information will be available from the Office at the commencement of 2018 or at the time of payment of contributions and charges.


Payment of Voluntary Contributions, Voluntary Approved Requests, Other Optional Costs and Charges can be made in the office by cash, cheque or EFTPOS (cheque or savings, not credit) at the school office between 8.45am and 3.15pm.  Please note ‘direct deposit’ payment method is now available. Details are as follows:

Account Name: Bull Creek Primary School

BSB: 066040

Account number: 19902335

Reference - Your child's surname and class 


Further information can be obtained from the Department of Education and Training’s Our Policies Website at