Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Values, PATHS and Smiling Minds



This term we have been practising being resilient by developing our skills to bounce back from adversity.

The Aussie of the Month recipients for resilience were; Beau and Anabelle.

In Week Two the Aussie of the Month recipients for Excellence were; Alyssa and Josiah.

Also in Week Two the Aussie of the Month recipients for Inclusivity were; Carissa and Yahinni.

Last but not least in Term 1 the Aussie of the Month recipients for Respect were; Chloe and Riley.
Congratulations to these outstanding students.




The PATHS curriculum teaches the building blocks for students to be self-aware and self-managed.

These building blocks help students to understand relationships, communicate effectively, work and get along with others, make decisions and contribute to their society. One skill that encompasses all of this is being organised.

Teachers encourage students to be organised by;

Having a consistent timetable.

Having students organise equipment and books in class.

Before school morning routines.

Transition routines eg. Moving between classes

Having clear expectations.

Support your child to be organised by;

Having a consistent predictable routine.

Supporting your child to make choices and solve problems.

Setting goals and making a plan to achieve them.

Discuss consequences > what might happen next.

Why; Being organised increases feelings of independence, pride, responsibility and self-confidence.




Smiling Minds

This term we are continuing to teach and practise mindfulness across the whole school. Mindfulness is proven to help strengthen the development of a range of important emotional, behavioural, cognitive and relationship skills. The Smiling Minds curriculum, that is being implemented in all classes, covers topics such as recognising emotions, managing emotions and ways to foster self-compassion across this term.

At home;

When reading or watching a movie pick a character and describe an emotion that they expressed.

Discuss what you could do if you were experiencing various emotions.

Talk about who can support us when we are experiencing challenging emotions.


The Year Three and Five students were also provided with the opportunity to do a guided mindfulness meditation prior to each NAPLAN session as a means of calming some pre-test nerves. The students responded really well to this opportunity.


If your child is undertaking something overwhelming or stressful at home, maybe a sporting competition or a performance etc. give the Smiling Minds app a go prior to the big event and see the benefits it can bring.