About Our School

The Bull Creek Way

The Bull Creek Way document was produced in consultation with the School Board, the staff and students and describes our expectations for all to follow whilst at Bull Creek Primary School.

It defines the responsibilities that all members of the school community are expected to uphold and recognises the significance of appropriate and meaningful relationships.

The Bull Creek Way is underpinned by the following principles:
  • Bull Creek Primary school is committed to providing all students a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment.
  • Bull Creek Primary School expects high standards of personal achievement and behaviour.
  • Partnerships with parents, the wider community and other support agencies contribute to positive outcomes in our school.
  • Staff expertise is valued and developed.
  • Responses to inappropriate student behaviour must consider both the individual circumstances and actions of the student and the needs and rights of the school community.

In accordance with The Bull Creek Way if parents have any concerns, the first point of contact is with the classroom teacher, as classroom teachers are best placed to address your questions or concerns.

Code of Conduct

Bull Creek Primary School works collaboratively with all stakeholders to create a school environment where respectful conduct is expected of everyone at all times.

We acknowledge a shared responsibility for maintaining a safe, inclusive and courteous school community.

It is imperative that positive partnerships exist between the school staff, students and parents.

We respect the diversity of individuals within our community and endeavour to achieve the best for all.

Bull Creek Primary School is a place where everyone has a right to hold differing opinions and views and concerns are raised respectfully.


  • Treat all members of the school community with respect.
  • Communicate honestly, constructively and fairly with agreed processes and protocols.
  • Model positive behaviour.
  • Be punctual at all times.
  • Work in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for all.
  • Make the most of educational opportunities.