Bull Creek Primary School is committed to identifying students at risk and addressing the needs of students as early as possible to ensure that every student achieves their full potential.

All students are assessed regularly and their progress is monitored closely to ensure students at risk are identified early. This early intervention is most effective when it is in collaboration with parents/ family and other agencies and targeted at the specific needs of the child.

At Bull Creek, students are catered for through the use of: in class curriculum differentiation, Individual Education Plans or Group Education Plans, Intervention Programs such as MiniLit and Reading Rangers.

Our teachers communicate regularly with families of students requiring additional support and collaboration with External Agencies is valued and utilised.

Education Assistants are employed to assist students with disability and support students with learning difficulties.

Our School Psychologist provides support for all staff in the form of Professional Learning and classroom strategies and adjustments to enhance children’s levels of engagement.


Bull Creek Primary has approximately 38 % of students who speak English as an additional language in their home environment.

The EAL/D program at Bull Creek Primary School works towards addressing three performance indicators.

1. The extent to which the students’ oral and written English competence improves.
2. The extent to which personnel in the school are empowered to address EAL/D students’ particular needs.
3. The extent to which parents become involved in decisions affecting their children’s education.

A dedicated EAL/D teacher coordinates support for students and assists classroom teachers with strategies to promote ASE language acquisition. Specific information regarding cultural and religious protocols and needs are shared with classroom teachers.

Assessment and progress monitoring of individual EAL/D students is ongoing using ESL/ESD Progress Maps. Each student’s progress and levelling in the four English areas is assessed using PM Benchmark kits, collected writing samples and in consultation with mainstream teachers in a moderation process.