Specialist Programs

At Bull Creek the students participate in lessons provided by specialist teachers in the areas of:


Students in Pre-Primary to Year Six are engaged in science lessons with a focus on inquiry-based investigations that foster their curiosity and interest in science. Students have had access to a wide range of specialist scientific equipment to enable them to conduct and record their observations.

Digital Technologies

Students use a wide range of educational software, apps and coding programs. Educational hardware including: Sphero, BBC micro:bit, Edison, Bee-bots and Makey Makey provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in digital technologies.


Bull Creek Primary School has a strong history fostering musicianship in our students. All students from Pre-primary to Year Six take part in Music classes. We cover a range of musical styles and genres with activities utilising singing, movement, dancing, games, theory and instrumental work. At every assembly we sing a whole school song which provides a regular opportunity for our students to perform and showcase their learning. This highlights our great community spirit and leaves a happy tone throughout the school.

Bull Creek has a Junior Choir for all Year Three students and the Senior Choir is a voluntary choir for Year Four to Six students.

Selected Year Three to Six students at Bull Creek participate in the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) Program, with our students learning violin, viola, cello and classical guitar. The senior students form a string ensemble and perform at various functions throughout the year.


The Language Program for Bull Creek is German. Language enables all students to communicate proficiently in a language other than English by providing students with essential communication skills in that language, an intercultural capacity and an understanding of the role of language and culture in human communication.

Physical Education

Students from Pre-Primary to Year Six take part in Physical Education lessons where the teaching and emphases are on games skills and strategies, dance, and team skills. Our staff provide a quality, inclusive comprehensive program, which aims to develop our students’ fundamental movement skills and abilities to perform across a range of physical activities. We also recognise the importance of good sportsmanship and cooperation in relation to Physical Education.

Each year the children have opportunities to compete in Swimming and Athletics Carnivals and in interschool competitions for a variety of sports.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts incorporates all three fields of art, craft and design. Students create visual representations that communicate, challenge and express their own and others’ ideas, both as artists and audience members.